New Orleans Daubache:
A 6 layer light White Vanilla Cake, White Chocolate Pudding and luscious Dark Chocolate Ganache icing. (Daubache only 9″ size)
Louisiana Praline:
A light Vanilla Cake, Louisiana Praline liquor, French Butter Cream icing with New Orleans Praline Pieces.
Black Forest:
Dark Chocolate Cake with Kirsch Cherry Brandy, Creamy Cherry Filling and Topping, Butter Cream icing and Toasted Almond accented with Maraschino Cherries.
Brownie Chocolate Mousse:
“Our Signature Cake” A luscious rich Brownie Cake, dreamy light Chocolate Mousse filling, Chocolate and White French Butter Cream icing or Dark Chocolate Ganache Dripped Topping Optional.
Fancy Pecan Fudge:
White Cake with alternating layers of rich fudge Filling, Chocolate French Butter Cream icing, and surrounded by Fancy Pecan Pieces.
Chocolate Mandarin Orange:
Dark Chocolate Cake flavored with Grand Marnier, filled with a Chocolate Mousse and topped with Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Dipped Mandarin Oranges.
German Chocolate:
Bavarian Chocolate Cake and old World Filling and Topping of Pecans and Coconut and Chocolate Butter cream icing.
Kalhua and Cream:
Dark Chocolate Cake with Kalhua Coffee liquor, Butter Cream icing and Rich Chocolate Sprinkles.
White Chocolate Amaretto:
Fluffy White Cake, Amaretto Almond Liquor, Luscious White Chocolate Mousse Filling and rich White Chocolate Ganache Topping.
English Lemon Curd:
Light Vanilla Cake with our famous slightly tart Lemon Curd Topping and Filling with butter cream icing.
Fresh Fruit Grand Marnier:
Heavenly light Vanilla Cake, filled with sliced fresh Strawberries, glazed with Cantaloupe, Kiwi, and Strawberries
Amaretto Butter Cream:
A light Vanilla Cake, with Amaretto Serrano Almond Liquor, French Butter Cream icing and surrounded with toasted Almonds.
Chocolate Raspberry:
Dark Chocolate Cake, Raspberry Liquor, Raspberry Jan Filling and topping with French Butter Cream Icing.
Original Carrot:
Carrot Cake a family tradition with pecans in a cream cheese icing.
Delightfully light Vanilla Cake, with a filling of Fresh Banana, pineapple, coconut and pecans in Cream and iced with French Butter Cream icing.
Italian Cream:
Rich Golden Cake, with a light sprinkling of Coconut and Pecan and luscious Cream Cheese Icing.
Hazelnut Cream:
A light Vanilla Cake with Frangelica Hazelnut Liquor, Raspberry Jam Filling and Hazelnut Butter Cream.
Fresh Strawberry:
Heavenly light Vanilla Cake with layers of sliced Strawberries and cream filling, French Butter Cream icing, surrounded with White Chocolate Shavings, and topped with two Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.
Chocolate Rum Mocca:
Dark Chocolate Cake with Carribbean Spiced Rum, Rich Mocca Icing with Chocolate Sprinkles
Cheese Cake: (Cheese Cake are available only in 10 inch size)
New Orleans Praline
White Choc. Macadamia Nut
Rich Chocolate
Fresh Strawberry
Chocolate Chip


SIZE SERVING PRICE Ganache Top Fruit Top
7″ 6-8 pp $24.00 $25.00
9″ 10-12 pp $36.00 $38.00 $40.00
1/4 sheet 15-20 pp $45.00 $47.00 $49.00
1/2 sheet 30-40 pp $68.00 $71.00 $73.00
3/4 sheet 70-80 pp $104.00 $108.00 $111.00
Full 100-110 pp $140.00 $147.00 $150.00
9″ New Orleans Daubache $45.00 Special Decorations: Submit artwork for quote


Downtown $19.95
All Others Calculated by zip code
Saturday & Sunday $65.00 inside loop
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Monday-Friday


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